Men’s fitness: 3 tips for getting better muscle definition

Posted on September 29, 2014 by

You eat right, hit the treadmill and lift weights, yet you can’t seem to get the muscle definition you crave. Sound familiar? Some people find that it is harder to achieve defined muscles than others because of their body types and natural physical tendencies. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible! Follow these tips and you’ll be showing off your six-pack abs at the beach in no time:  

  • Cut carbs: Men’s Fitness recommends cutting back on your simple carbohydrate intake, which includes foods like rice, pasta and bread. Simultaneously increase the amount of protein you’re eating, which is necessary to build muscle. 
  • Quality over quantity: Muscle and Fitness contributor Steve Stiefel says that too many gym buffs focus on the number of repetitions they do, when it’s more important to do them well. Try to use your weaker muscles too while observing proper form, even if that means you’re able to do fewer reps. 
  • Think about liposuction: Many people mistakenly think of liposuction as something that only obese people need. However, the ideal liposuction candidate isn’t overweight at all. Rather, they are in excellent physical shape but have areas of fat deposits that they can’t get rid of through exercise alone. Liposuction may be perfect for you if you have strong muscles hidden underneath stubborn fatty tissue. 

If you do consider liposuction, be sure to only consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who operates in an approved medical facility. Otherwise, you could be putting your health, looks and even life at risk. Christopher Craft, M.D., has helped countless patients safely and effectively achieve their personal goals. Contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery in Miami to schedule an initial consultation. 

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