Modern breast implant procedures give women hope

Posted on May 6, 2014 by

Experts agree that meeting with a plastic surgeon prior to undergoing a mastectomy or lumpectomy is a good idea for women who plan on having breast reconstruction in the future. Although going through breast cancer can put a physical and emotional strain on any woman, knowing that there are an array of options for breast reconstruction sheds some light on this devastating disease.

“What’s done by the oncologic surgeon is going to depend on what the plastic surgeon is going to do. So it’s really good to have a discussion with a plastic surgeon about their choices ahead of time,” plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Farrell tells Pennsylvania news outlet “If the patient’s going to consider reconstruction, they should consider the plastic surgeon as part of the team who’s going to be involved from the beginning.”

Luckily, thanks to new technology and advancements with medicine, most breast cancer survivors can go on to lead a happy and healthy life. Even those who must undergo double mastectomies can most likely be able to have reconstructive surgery and implants so their breasts look like they did prior to being diagnosed with cancer.

Some women even opt to start the reconstruction process right away, while others wait until after surgery to make this decision. Although this choice is personal decision, many women feel that implants and plastic surgery give them added confidence after going through cancer.

If you’re looking for certified plastic surgeons in the southern Florida region, be sure to contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery. Our breast augmentation and enlargement procedures can make women feel more confident in their own skin. 

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