Plastic surgery on the rise as more people seek medical weight loss

Posted on November 21, 2013 by

For people who have long-struggled with their weight, but could never seem to shake off the pounds no matter how much they dieted and exercise, weight loss surgery can be a godsend. Even prominent figures like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have opted for this route as a way to regain control of their health. But if you’ve managed to drop a few pant sizes, either through a gastric band procedure, conventional weight loss programs, or both, you may still find yourself feeling self-conscious because of the extra skin left behind.

WCJB, the ABC-affiliate in Gainvesville, Florida, recently covered this frustrating phenomenon, noting that plastic surgery really is the only way to get rid of the loose, sagging skin that remains after dramatic weight loss. In addition to the self-consciousness this problem can cause, in extreme cases it may even affect mobility. Gainesville resident Bill Whatmough told the news outlet that he “couldn’t get comfortable” after losing so much weight following lap band surgery because of the extra skin on his stomach.

While skin does contract to a certain degree after weigh loss, extreme variances in weight can put this elasticity to the test. Many women experience this same issue after giving birth, which is why skin-removal procedures like tummy tucks are a staple part of a Miami Mommy Makeover.

If you are grappling with extra skin after working so hard to lose weight, contact Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today to learn more about your cosmetic options.

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