Popular Mommy Makeover Requests

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Mommy makeover patients MiamiMommy makeover is a combination of procedures designed to restore a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy form. Every mommy makeover is customized to the unique needs and goals of the patient. Although there is no specific formula to a mommy makeover, most women have very similar requests and goals. Read on as Dr. Christopher Craft reveals the most popular requests from mommy makeover patients.

Recapture a Perkier Breast Appearance

One of the most universal requests among mothers (particularly mothers who have breastfed multiple children) is to recapture a perkier, more youthful breast appearance. The effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause the breast skin to stretch out and the breast tissue to sit lower on the chest wall. Breast lift is the ideal solution to remove excess skin and lift and tighten the breast tissues into a more youthful configuration on the chest. Breast lift may also involve reducing stretched-out areolas and correcting downward-pointing nipples if needed.

Restore Lost Breast Volume

Many women are dismayed to discover that breastfeeding robs them of their full, shapely breasts, leaving the breasts looking flat and “deflated.” Dr. Craft can place saline or silicone breast implants to restore lost breast volume for a more voluptuous bust. Implants can be combined with breast lift for a complete transformation.

Improve the Look of a Flabby or Protruding Abdomen

Another common request among mothers is to firm and flatten the appearance of a flabby, protruding abdomen. Often pregnancy causes the abdominal skin to stretch so far to accommodate a growing baby that it loses its elastic quality and cannot retract over the stomach after childbirth. Pregnancy can also stretch the abdominal muscles and cause weight gain in the stomach and flank area.

Tummy tuck with Dr. Craft is the best way to simultaneously address problems with the skin, fat and muscles. Through an incision on the lower abdomen, Dr. Craft repairs the muscles and removes excess fat and skin. He re-drapes the abdominal skin more smoothly over the abdomen to create a firmer, flatter-looking stomach.

Reduce Unwanted Body Fat

Many women gain weight while they are pregnant and then have a hard time losing it, despite adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine. For stubborn fat in the thighs, back, buttocks, upper arms or even under the chin that won’t budge with healthy lifestyle habits, Dr. Craft can perform liposuction. Through small openings in the skin, Dr. Craft uses a slender, hollow tube called a cannula to break up and remove the unwanted fat. This creates a slimmer and more sculpted contour in the target area of the body.

If you wish you could return to your pre-pregnancy appearance, Dr. Craft can help. Call or email our office today to schedule a mommy makeover consultation with him and learn more about your treatment options.

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