Shapewear is no substitute for body contouring

Posted on February 6, 2014 by

In the quest to get the butt, thighs and legs that they’ve always wanted, many men and women in Miami are turning to shapewear products – corsets, girdles, compression leggings, etc. –  to give them a slim look. While there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever is necessary to smooth out those unwanted lumps and bumps, you should never do anything that could damage your health. Wait, shapewear could cause health problems? According to several physicians, the answer is yes. 

You may have heard about the latest weight-loss craze called the corset diet in which followers wear a double corset for up to 12 hours a day. The compression of the garment is meant to mimic the body’s response of a gastric bypass procedure, causing the wearer to feel fuller longer, leading them to eat less. 

There’s nothing safe about such a diet, says Dr. Jyotindra Shah, a bariatric physician based in Westchester, New York. In an interview with The Huffington Post, she said that wearing compression garments for long periods of time could cause organ damage and restrict the flow of oxygen.

“Oxygen helps the metabolism,” Dr. Shah told the source. “It helps the functions of each and every organ of the body. Restricting oxygenation of the body could do long-term damage to your metabolism and health, and you don’t want that.”

A real downside to shapewear is that as soon as you take it off, you still have to look at the unshapely features you were trying to hide! If you’re interested in a permanent solution like a tummy tuck or butt lift surgery in Miami, contact the office of Dr. Christopher Craft today!

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