Should you get a breast reduction or a breast lift?

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A recent article in Newsday explores the many cosmetic and physiological benefits that breast reduction surgery can offer some women. Sandy Kerrigan told the paper that when she went from needing a DD or E-sized bra to a C, her life dramatically changed for the better. She says she can now exercise easier, enjoys bra shopping and has less pain.

“Women often think the bigger the better when it comes to breast size,” Kerrigan told Newsday. “But the bigger you are, the bigger you look and the worse your back and neck feels.”

Indeed, carrying excess weight on your chest can cause strained muscles, tension in your shoulders, general soreness, skin irritation and shoulder grooving around your bra straps. Aesthetically, breasts that are too large for your frame can make you appear heavier than you are, severely limiting what clothes you can wear.

During a breast reduction operation, Christopher Craft, M.D., removes excess skin and heavy breast matter, reshaping the remaining tissue to create a more pleasing, shapely contour. This procedure has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates in all of cosmetic surgery. It can truly transform your life!

If, however, you want to achieve a perkier, shapelier silhouette without significantly decreasing your breasts’ size, then you may want to consider a breast lift. This procedure’s popularity is skyrocketing, with 70 percent more such operations performed in 2013 than in 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you decide to have a breast lift, Dr. Craft will tighten the skin and reshape your breasts to restore your youthful appearance. This is often a popular component of the Mommy Makeover.

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