What will be the most popular plastic surgery trends in 2015?

Posted on January 14, 2015 by

The new year is a couple of weeks old, which means now is the time that many people are deciding whether or not to go in for some cosmetic work. The beginning of 2015 has already shown what trends will be popular throughout the next 12 months, from fashion to interior design to beauty.

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are always changes in what procedures become popular that year, in addition to stalwarts such as breast enhancements and facelifts. So what will be hot in cosmetic work in 2015?

Here are a few ideas from those in the industry:

  • Jawline contouring: This will be big among both men and women in the coming year. Having your jawline or cheekbones augmented slightly is a great way to take years off of your appearance without a hugely invasive surgery. Having fuller cheeks or an adjusted jaw will allow you to look much younger.
  • Mommy makeovers: It is becoming increasingly common for people to have not just one surgery when they are visiting a doctor, but several. People who opt for a tummy tuck will also seek out improvements to their thighs, breasts and face. Full body makeovers will dominate 2015.
  • Noninvasive procedures: More people are going to opt for surgeries that will not require major reconstruction or recovery time. Things such as Botox injections or nose jobs will be popular, as they can be done relatively easily by trained professionals.

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