“Why would she get plastic surgery?”: One question to prepare yourself for

Posted on August 15, 2013 by

Once you’ve decided to consult a Miami plastic surgeon about a breast lift, tummy tuck or some other procedure, you will probably have quite a few questions to contend with both pre- and post-op. All too often, people don’t realize that even if they don’t think you need a nip and tuck to look beautiful, you may not feel that way. And ultimately, investing in cosmetic enhancements is all about transforming how you see yourself. 

One columnist for the New Zealand publication Stuff recently exposed this sentiment in a piece called “When your friend gets plastic surgery.” Catherine Ford describes visiting an old friend who she’d always seen as beautiful and talented, only to find that the women had undergone cosmetic enhancements.

“You, of all people!,” she thought, before struggling with whether or not she should acknowledge the procedures. “My friend is a successful person who’s good at what she does, and her career has been long and productive; mutual friends and I often speak about her, with admiration and more than a little envy.”

This disbelief, while flattering to some degree, also exemplifies a common issue that men and women who opt for these enhancements will undoubtedly encounter. People simply may not understand why you want to get this work done, and all too often feel justified in telling you as much. 

Though you are in no way required to justify your decision to curious onlookers, this is an important question to ask yourself before scheduling a procedure. Who is this operation for? How will it ultimately make you feel? Dr. Christopher Craft is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you answer these queries and more to determine if plastic surgery is the right step for you.

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