Woman shares woes of medical tourism overseas

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It’s not hard to understand why medical tourism has taken off in the last few years. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, medical tourism refers to the practice of traveling overseas to undergo a surgical procedure – and plastic surgery is by far the most common. The main appeal of such a trip is that, in theory, you can save money on the procedure itself while enjoying an exotic getaway far from the prying eyes of coworkers, family members and friends.

However, there are also substantial drawbacks to this approach, some of which may only become apparent after the damage is done. Recently, The Mirror, a British publication, shared the stories of various women who opted to go abroad for a nip and tuck with disastrous results.

One woman, 52-year-old Susan Buddick, explained that she had decided to get a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin that remained after she gave birth to her children. The price point for her surgery was attractive, but upon arriving in Turkey – where the procedure was to take place – she was immediately apprehensive.

“After the two-hour operation, I went to stay with the carer who wasn’t medically trained and her apartment was covered in cat hair,” she said of her post-op care.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of Buddick’s troubles, as complications that arose from the surgery ultimately threatened her life. After her tummy tuck, Buddick developed necrosis, where the skin itself dies, and was left trying to pick up the pieces from a surgical procedure she thought would make her dreams come true.

The purpose of these stories isn’t to shock you or discredit plastic surgeons overseas. Such anecdotes simply emphasize the importance of understanding exactly what you are getting into when it comes to cosmetic surgery. If you travel to a country where you don’t understand the certification standards – or even the language itself – you may end up in a perilous position if complications arise. With that in mind, consider one of the experienced plastic surgeons in Miami, such as board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft.

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