Celeb trainer says don’t obsess over your pre-baby body

Posted on September 17, 2013 by

What would you expect a celebrity trainer to tell you when it comes to losing weight after pregnancy? Do you picture a harsh drill sergeant barking orders about caloric intake and cardio? If so, a recent interview the Tracy Anderson, Kim Kardashian’s resident fitness guru, may surprise you. Anderson spoke with reporters at NewsDay.com about the pressure many women feel to immediately shed their excess pounds – and the misleading celebrity glorification that contributes to that idea.

Anderson noted that many of her high profile clients have had their images drastically photoshopped to make it appear that they’ve regained their svelte figures much faster than any human could. “It’s insane,” she said of the practice, and the expectation it creates. “It’s the most evil trick that women play on women.”

If you’re trying to get back into shape after giving birth, Anderson stressed the importance of doing so in a way that is healthy for you and your baby, and still allows to you enjoy this precious time with your little one. Orchestrate your workout regimen around your infant, she suggests, and – above all – don’t berate yourself over your progress or how much weight you gained while pregnant.

Many women find, though, that even when they’ve tried their hardest to lose the weight and regain their figures, conventional methods just can’t address all the changes their bodies have undergone. Loose skin, sagging breasts and fat distribution are some of the most common frustrations, and all of these issues are targeted by a Mommy Makeover in Miami. Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today to learn more about this series of plastic surgery procedures.

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