“Eiffel Nose” ad highlights importance of aesthetic ratio in plastic surgery

Posted on October 15, 2013 by

When ads for the “Eiffel Nose” first started appearing in China, they may have caused a bit of confusion. This campaign, which was masterminded by a Chinese plastic surgeon, posits that architectural works, rather than celebrity facial features, may be the ideal models for your next cosmetic procedure.

New York Magazine reports that the eye-catching ad, which features an image of the iconic Eiffel Tower next to an equally statuesque nose, draws a direct comparison between the construction of each, and promises to capture the same ideal aesthetic ratio achieved by the world-renowned monument. Whether there is any merit to the “Eiffel Nose” concept remains to be seen. However, this stunt does bring new emphasis to an aspect of plastic surgery that many people in Miami may overlook.

While physical attractiveness may seem subjective in many ways, there are actually well-known ratios that govern how well certain features complement one another. The best plastic surgeons in Miami will be just as familiar with this element of aesthetics as they are with any other aspect of a given surgery. This is part of why nose jobs and chin implants have been shown to be so effective when performed simultaneously, since your Miami plastic surgeon has complete control over how these features play off one another.

Ultimately, your plastic surgeon should be an artist as well as a medical professional. Board-certified cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Christopher Craft have undergone years of training to fine-tune their technical expertise and visual instincts, so contact Dr. Craft today to discuss your next procedure.

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