This BRA day, plastic surgeons focus on the “team approach”

Posted on October 16, 2013 by

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is already in full swing, but October 16 marks a particularly momentous event for cancer survivors everywhere. Last year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons declared this day as Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day to shed light on a form of plastic surgery in Miami that, unfortunately, is often treated as a taboo subject across the country. The 2012 conference held in New Orleans was all about getting the word out about the variety of options women have to reconstruct their chests after a mastectomy. This year. the ASPS has announced a different focus.

“The BRA Day USA 2013 theme is the ‘team approach’ to breast cancer care, emphasizing the need for all breast cancer care physicians and other health care providers to work together to provide the patient with an understanding of the various options and an individualized treatment plan,” an ASPS press release states.

With that in mind, this year’s informational events, which are taking place across the country, are geared as much toward plastic surgeons and other health care professionals as they are to patients. Every aspect of breast cancer treatment and recovery is complex and intensely personal, so patients need to know that they part of a united front when it comes to facing and overcoming this disease.

If you have questions about breast augmentation in general, don’t hesitate to contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft in Miami. Dr. Craft has years of experience performing breast lifts, revisions, reductions and more. 

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