Is It Normal to Have Uneven Breasts?

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Miami, FLAlthough we tend to think of breasts as a matching pair, most women have some amount of asymmetry between their breasts. While women may tolerate some mild asymmetry, they may feel motivated to make a change when the asymmetry is plainly obvious to their friends and colleagues. In this blog, top Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft explores some of the causes of uneven breasts, then describes the possible treatments for this cosmetic issue.

What Causes Uneven Breasts?

During a woman’s teenage years when the breasts develop, it is common to notice that the breasts do not correspond perfectly. For some of these teens, the breasts may even out by the time puberty is complete. Others may notice the asymmetry continue throughout adulthood.

Even after the breasts have stopped developing, they can still change size and shape. For many women, the breasts become fuller during ovulation, then reduce in size after.

Asymmetry in the breasts can also form following breastfeeding, significant weight fluctuation (either a gain or loss) or tubular breast development in one of the breasts.

How Plastic Surgery Can Help

Fortunately, women who are displeased with the asymmetry of their breasts do have options.

Dr. Craft typically recommends breast augmentation to women who want their breasts to feel more harmonious. Although this procedure is more commonly associated with enlarging the breasts, it is also a good way to change their shape and fullness. Depending on the woman’s unique anatomy, Dr. Craft may use a single small implant in one breast to correct asymmetry or use two implants of different sizes to both enhance the volume and improve symmetry.

Another possibility is breast reduction surgery, which can reduce the size of the larger breast so that it matches the size of the smaller breast. If the patient prefers to downsize the overall size of the breasts, Dr. Craft can remove skin and tissue from both breasts while still ensuring that they are symmetrical.

In cases where one breast droops lower than the other, Dr. Craft can perform breast lift to ensure that both breasts are at the same elevation on the chest. This may involve lifting one breast to match the other, or to lift both for complete rejuvenation.

Breast procedures may be combined to better fulfill your aesthetic goals.

Speak to Dr. Craft about Breast Asymmetry

Dr. Craft is considered an elite breast surgeon because of his advanced techniques and the attractive, natural results he achieves for his patients. Patients who wish to correct the symmetry of their breasts can be confident that Dr. Craft is the right choice for a beautiful transformation. If you are interested in improving the appearance of your uneven breasts, please schedule a consultation at (305) 596-9700.

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