3 Things Men Should Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

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Male Plastic Surgery Miami, FLWithout a doubt, women still account for the strong majority of plastic surgery patients. However, the number of men in the United States who seek cosmetic procedures has been steadily gaining in recent years. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that men also want to look their best. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft explains what prospective male patients should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon.

1. Someone Who Can Differentiate Male and Female Attractiveness

The attributes that make a man good looking are generally much different from those that make a woman attractive. Dr. Craft understands these distinctions and alters his procedures accordingly for male patients so that he enhances a man’s masculinity rather than softening the features.

For most men, the focus of body contouring procedures is to make them look toned and fit instead of skinny. As with women, flab is unwanted, but with men, the appearance of “curves” is not desired. When it comes to the face, men do not worry as much about lines because they can make a man look rugged and handsome. Instead, they want to add definition to their jawline or give the nose a masculine shape.

2. Someone Who Has a Deep Knowledge of Male Anatomy

To properly treat a man, it is useful to know some of the anatomical differences for men. Many surgeons make their surgical incisions along the patient’s hairline where it hides easily, but this is not a good idea for men since male hair is liable to recede at some point in the future. Also, because men have more blood vessels in their faces, this can accelerate the overall recovery time. On the other hand, testosterone makes a man’s skin approximately 25% thicker. A surgeon must account for that and adjust the incision technique accordingly to prevent excessive swelling.

3. Someone Who Has Experience Working with Many Male Patients

It is one thing to understand some of the differences in male and female bodies and cosmetic preferences and another thing entirely to know how to implement these ideas. Given how many successful, well-reviewed plastic surgeons have barely (if ever) worked with male patients, a man should be wary of who he puts his trust in. Always ask to see before-and-after photos as evidence that the surgeon has both worked on male patients and achieved appealing results for those male patients. Pay special attention to whether the features appear to look more feminine.

Dr. Craft Is the Right Surgeon for Men

Dr. Craft has helped many male patients to achieve fit-looking bodies and handsome faces. Unlike so many of his peers, he feels comfortable treating male patients — and just as importantly, those patients feel comfortable being treated by him. If you are interested in enhancing your appearance with a cosmetic procedure, please call (305) 596-9700 for a consultation.

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