Why People Travel to Miami for Plastic Surgery

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Traveling to Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, FL for plastic surgeryMiami is a hot stop for tourism and retirees thanks to its beautiful beaches and weather. Unbeknownst to some, Miami is also a popular destination for plastic surgery patients. Each year, hundreds of men and women travel to Miami for both surgical and non-surgical enhancement.

If you are considering traveling for your plastic surgery treatment, Dr. Christopher Craft, a top Miami plastic surgeon, shares a few reasons to consider Miami.

Tranquil Recovery Environment

The recovery period plays an important role in the success of any plastic surgery procedure. Depending on the specific procedure, you should expect to take one to two weeks off work and normal activities, including household chores and taking care of children. For many patients, recovering at home is challenging because they’re surrounded by reminders of responsibilities or loved ones that make it nearly impossible to relax or rest comfortably.

Miami is home to many hotels that provide a tranquil and relaxing environment necessary for a smooth recovery. You can rest in the privacy of your own hotel room and enjoy the hotel’s amenities while a nurse or loved one takes care of you. Resting in a private and stress-free environment is a great way to jumpstart your healing process and increase the chances of a complication-free recovery.


If you are worried about others knowing that you are having plastic surgery done, vacationing in Miami is the perfect cover-up story! Traveling to Miami gives you the opportunity to be out of the view of the public, your friends and family, giving you some degree of anonymity as you heal.

Enjoy What Miami Has to Offer

Once your doctor has cleared you, you will be able to return to work and normal activities. But instead of worrying about a long drive or flight home, consider staying a few more days after your initial recovery period to enjoy what Miami has to offer.

Keep in mind that there will still be some restrictions even after your doctor has given you the green light to resume normal activities. For instance, facial plastic surgery patients should not count on lounging poolside or sunbathing at the beach anytime soon after surgery, as doing so will damage sensitive skin. Still, patients can enjoy many of the amenities Miami has to offer. Imagine enjoying a shopping spree at a nearby boutique or mall, dining at a five-star restaurant or visiting a world-class museum. Or, imagine simply resting at your hotel room or recovery suite with a view of Miami’s beautiful scenery.

Let Dr. Craft Help Your Plastic Surgery Dreams Come True

Dr. Craft works with hundreds of patients, many of whom come from out of town to work with the talented plastic surgeon. He and his expert team are more than happy to help out-of-town patients plan their stay in Miami. We also offer overnight nurse stays in case a loved one is not available to take care of you during the first 24 hours after your surgery.

To learn more about planning and scheduling your plastic surgery procedure with Dr. Craft, schedule an appointment. Contact (305) 596-9700 today.

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