Best Advice for Tummy Tuck Recovery

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When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Christopher Craft, tummy tuck is an effective way to achieve an attractive abdominal appearance. If you have unwanted fat and skin and loose or damaged abdominal muscles, tummy tuck can repair these problems and refine the contours of your midsection.

But before you can enjoy the results, you will need to plan for a recovery period. Following the advice of Dr. Craft can help you enjoy a smooth, safe tummy tuck recovery.

Stay on Top of Pain Management

It is normal to have some pain and discomfort after tummy tuck. Dr. Craft will prescribe pain medication to manage this discomfort. He recommends you stick to a pain management schedule, instead of waiting for the pain to start before taking medication. Staying on top of pain medication will keep you more comfortable throughout your recovery.

Recruit Help

Even the most basic tasks, including preparing meals, getting dressed and using the bathroom, are challenging right after tummy tuck because of discomfort and tightness in the abdomen. You will not be able to bend over, lift anything heavy or do anything strenuous for about two weeks. During this time, Dr. Craft strongly recommends that you arrange for another adult (e.g., a spouse, family member or close friend) to help you around the house. This person will help you get in and out of bed and go to the bathroom; he or she will also help care for your kids, pets or any elderly parents who rely on you.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Give your body the healthy fuel it needs after surgery by eating a balanced diet. Stick with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Avoid eating very salty foods and stay away from soda and alcohol. Make sure you drink enough water.

To prevent constipation caused by your pain medication, take an over-the-counter stool softener.

Stay Off the Scale

One of the biggest mistakes some tummy tuck patients make is worrying about their appearance or weight very soon after surgery. Actually, your weight may slightly increase in the days following surgery, due to swelling and water retention. It is best for you to stay off the scale and allow your body adequate time to recover after surgery.

Maintain Reasonable Expectations

One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself during tummy tuck recovery is manage your expectations and understand that it will take time for your body to recuperate Dr. Craft will set your expectations ahead of time, but it is up to you to be patient with yourself and keep a positive outlook. The end result will be well worth it!

For more information about tummy tuck recovery, Dr. Craft invites you to contact our Miami practice.

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