Treatment Options for Asymmetrical Breasts

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Perfectly symmetrical breasts are rare. Most women have some disparity between the size, shape and position of their breasts. But most of the time, the asymmetry is subtle.

In some women, the asymmetry between the breasts is more pronounced. The breasts may be significantly different in size (sometimes up to a cup size or more) and/or differ in position, with one breast sagging lower on the chest than the other.

Breast asymmetry can occur because of uneven development during adolescence, pregnancy and breastfeeding or an underlying health condition. Although asymmetrical breasts are usually not a cause for concern, it can be difficult to hide the difference.

If your breasts are noticeably asymmetrical and it makes you uncomfortable, there are surgical procedures available to make your breasts look more even. Read on as Dr. Christopher Craft explains the treatment options.

How Dr. Craft Can Improve Asymmetry

Breast augmentation: Dr. Craft can place saline or silicone implants to even out the size of the breasts. He may place an implant in the smaller breast, or he may place different sized implants in both breasts.

Breast reduction: Dr. Craft can remove breast tissue and skin from the larger breast so it more closely matches the smaller breast.

Breast lift: Dr. Craft can lift the saggier breast so that it is in line with the other breast.

Combination approach: Sometimes Dr. Craft combines two of the above procedures (e.g., breast lift and breast augmentation, or breast lift and breast reduction) to achieve the desired results.

Find What’s Right for You

Breast asymmetry treatment is highly personalized and requires an approach tailored to your individual needs and goals.

As you do your homework about breast asymmetry treatment, think about the type of results you want. Do you want to make your smaller breast larger, or your larger breast smaller? Do you want to make both of your breasts bigger or smaller? Are you hoping to lift your drooping breast so it sits in line with your other breast? Dr. Craft will ask you about this during your consultation.

Once Dr. Craft understands what you hope to achieve, he will lay out your treatment options and recommend the approach best suited to your needs. If your treatment plan includes breast augmentation, Dr. Craft will review your breast implant options, too.

Request a Consultation

To request a consultation with Dr. Craft to discuss breast asymmetry treatment, please contact our Miami office today.

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